Once a fad dieter & binge eater..

I used to start over every. single. Monday because the demands of my diet were too extreme to last more than 3 days.

Now, I haven't had to "start over" in over five years and am the most confident I've been in my body because I've found an approach to weight loss that works. (and works long after it works)

Why is dieting so friggen hard for us?

Mainstream diets are extremely unrealistic because they never prioritize sustainability, the key factor to diet consistency.

Instead, they promote extreme restriction in order to give you the “fast result” you are looking for. And I know you are familiar with how that typically goes….

I need to give you a little tough love as someone who’s been in your shoes…

Fast results are not possible.

And if you keep chasing fast results you will never escape the start-stop dieting cycle you are in and get results.

You need a realistic approach to dieting that focuses on consistency, enjoyability, and sustainability so you can actually achieve your fat loss goal!

When you enroll you will receive:

  • 32 lessons teaching you everything you need to know to effectively and flexibly lose fat

  • Discussion boards on each lesson to answer any questions about the material

  • PDF downloads to help you plan, track progress, and stay motivated

  • Email support to answer additional personal questions or struggles you are facing

  • Bonus section on workout structure so you can create your personalized plan and maximize fat loss

  • Bonus meal idea guide & my 10 favorite recipes to keep your meals interesting

When you complete the course you will:

  • Have an effective fat loss plan that will guarantee results when consistent

  • Have a structured workout plan that will accelerate your weight loss and give you strength and shape

  • Develop a more positive relationship with food & self

  • Enjoy your favorite foods without guilt while getting progress

  • Have a better balance between your weight loss goals & social life

  • Have an action plan to maintain your results for years to come

Students Are Saying:

5 star rating


Aaliyah Steffee

I've learned so much and can't wait to see my own results! This makes dieting and weight loss not a scary and dreadful task but something to get excited about!

I've learned so much and can't wait to see my own results! This makes dieting and weight loss not a scary and dreadful task but something to get excited about!

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5 star rating


LaMesha Hale

Thank you so much Cass for sharing your wealth of knowledge. You are a PROFESSIONAL! I feel like I am better equipped to take on my weight loss journey. I w...

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Thank you so much Cass for sharing your wealth of knowledge. You are a PROFESSIONAL! I feel like I am better equipped to take on my weight loss journey. I will be rewatching many times to have a strong grasp on every single detail. Money well spent!! Thank you Coach! I am very pleased.

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5 star rating

Very informative

Amira Fata

I learned so much

I learned so much

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5 star rating

Best Buy

Taryn Southon

Absolutely incredible for understanding and long term living

Absolutely incredible for understanding and long term living

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    There is so much misinformation out there about nutrition & weight loss. Many dieters focus on the wrong things, keeping them stuck with no results. You will learn the key elements to focus on for proper nutrition AND weight loss so you are prioritizing what will nourish your body but will also generate amazing fat loss results.


    You'll learn my exact system I've used with my clients to create a personalized plan for yourself that makes dieting enjoyable and easy to stick to. No more cookie-cutter plans that don't fit your lifestyle needs and food preferences. You'll never get bored of your diet or feel the urge to cheat on it when you look forward to your meals.


    You will learn exactly how to make the fun things you like to do fit into your diet without falling off the wagon and starting over every Monday. Whether it's going out to dinner, vacations, a BBQ, a family/work event, a weekend getaway, and even the holidays.....You'll never have to choose between sticking to your diet or your lifestyle activities.


    The most rewarding part of all the hard work you put into dieting is actually getting the results, and getting the results consistently. You will learn how to precisely measure progress each week and tweak your routine to keep getting results. Using the check-in excel sheet, you can organize your photos, weight, measurements, and consistency with your diet/workouts in one place making your check-ins each week simple and convenient to compare from previous weeks.


    Although we can make dieting simple, it's not always easy. Losing motivation, getting stuck in the all-or-nothing mindset, overeating, missing gym sessions, and hitting plateaus are very common struggles you may come across in your journey. I explain specific strategies on how to tackle every common struggle faced while dieting so you have the mindset and action steps to keep going through hard times.


    After working your butt off to get results, the last thing you want to do is experience (a very common) rebound after reaching your goals. You will learn how to properly transition out of a dieting phase to maintain your results long term. You won't have to constantly be dieting year-round. Dieting is a small controlled portion of your life and is not something you should be doing forever.


Hear it from my clients who had success with flexible dieting:

Watch Intro Video


Watch Intro Video


Watch Intro Video


About the course

  • Is this for women and men?

    Absolutely! Don't be fooled by the pink colors on this page...this course is 100% for both men and women. I instruct what to do for both sexes when it comes to weight loss, it is very similar.

  • Is this the same as 1:1 coaching?

    While this is not the same as 1:1 coaching, this course will give you all the tools you need to coach yourself, plus all the help you need through the discussion boards and our email support.

  • How long is the course?

    In total the course contains about 5 hours of content, This is a self-pace course so it is completely up to you how much material you tackle at a given time. You can do a little each day and be done within a few weeks or if you have the time, do it all in one week. You have this course for life so there is no rush to complete it all immediately.

  • What are Cass' credentials?

    Cass received her Bachelors in Nutritional Sciences in 2018 and her NASM Personal Training Certification in 2017. She has coached many clients over the past 3 years and continues to keep up with new research to provide the best experience for her students!

  • What if this doesn't work for me?

    If you're struggling at any point to see results, I highly recommend utilizing the email support because that is where you can get direct help on any struggles you may be facing! You are provided with all the tools to succeed in this course, the only way you would not get results is if you don't put in the work. The results won't happen just from completing the lessons, it will also come from actually taking action on everything you learn and being consistent!

  • What is the refund policy?

    While refunds are not guaranteed due to the digital nature of this product, if you are not satisfied with the course up to 30 days after your purchase date, reach out to Cass at [email protected] so we can come up with an individualized solution for you.

  • How is this different from everything else out there?

    The Weight Loss Without Restriction Course is not another fad, trendy, restrictive diet with fake promises. In fact, it's not even a diet at all. What you learn within this course is the action steps you must take in order to lose weight. You learn the facts. Not the sexy, sugar coated stuff. Most diets out there don't actually explain HOW weight loss works, they just give you a long list of foods to avoid..which won't get you far. And even if you did get some results, the harsh demands of restrictive diets are not sustainable to KEEP that weight loss. This course is your literal A-Z blueprint from start to finish, everything you need to know. Between the comprehensive detail in the course content/materials and the email support offered, you are set up for long-term success.